Fresno black leaders say a social media post claiming that “Black Lives Matter riots” will begin at 4 p.m. Tuesday in River Park is fake.

Businessman Chris Milton, who spoke Sunday in downtown Fresno at a peaceful protest of George Floyd’s death, said in a Facebook media video Monday, “I am going to tell you right now, it’s fake. That has absolutely nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. “

Milton attributed the post to the “White Nationalist Movement” upset about blacks and whites uniting to confront problems in America.

Click on the video below to hear Milton’s complete remarks on the fake social media post and efforts to repair racial relationships in Fresno:

Fresno PD Says It Is Investigating the Riots Post

Meanwhile, the Fresno Police Department said on its Facebook page that it “is aware of the post that has been circulating through social media about a potential aggressive protest tomorrow afternoon. We have dedicated several resources to tracking the validity of this threat and we are working towards a peaceful solution to any group that may want to be heard in our community. The police department will be prepared to respond to any acts of violence against persons or property in our city. Stay strong Fresno.”

NCAAP Leader Denounces the Post

D’Aungillique Jackson, president of the Fresno State NAACP chapter, took to Twitter to denounce the “BLM Fresno Riots” post and to urge people not to show up at River Park on Tuesday.

“Tearing up Fresno” goes completely against the message that organizers of Sunday protests are trying to spread, she said.

“We were able to confirm that this post originated on Reddit from an alt-right source,” Jackson told GV Wire’ Nancy Price in a Zoom interview Monday.

Here is an image of the riots post circulating on social media:

Image of a post saying there will be Black Lives Matter riots on Tuesday, June 2, in Fresno, California. Black leaders say the post is fake.

Image of a social media post claiming there will be Black Lives Matter riots on Tuesday, June 2, in Fresno, California. Black leaders say the post is fake.

Watch: Fresno Police Chief Andy Hall Speaks About Protests Afterward

4 Responses

  1. Tom Sabatino

    Thank you, Police Officers, for your great work. You are under appreciated… but not by many people just trying to live their lives in peace. God bless you and your work. Be safe.

  2. Bill Thacker

    Maybe the “riot” being attached to this particular BLM is a hoax but the multiple looting, vandalism of independent family operated and corporate businesses is very real and destroying the peaceful movements message.
    Destroying the livelihoods of others is never justified. George Floyd was murdered by a white cop while 3 cops were complacent an Asian, Hispanic and a black cop didn’t speak up or side with the citizens that were demanding the knee be removed from the neck.
    In many areas churches are being destroyed and once again so- called leaders do not condem this destructive criminal behavior holding oeople accountable.
    In fact, candidate Bidens wealthy supporters and some Hollywood celebrities are actually bailing these low life looter savages out of jail when they should be supporting the thousands of minority business owners trying to stay affloat after SIP orders that caused near bankruptcy for many only to be further attacked by common criminals exploiting a tragedy and losing the message about violence, racism, and attacks are unacceptable.
    Were are these hypocrites when black on black crime happens on a daily basis? Police brutality to Asians? Whites? Hispanics? Crickets from media and hypocrite protestors.
    These protestors yelp ” black lives matter” but apparently only selective cases when police is involved and even more selective if non- blacks are victimized. Black police officers and military die all the time… Until all people are respected and valued BLM can’t hope to earn respect when they dont respect all lives and every tragic death of black Americans . After all we are equal and children of God.

    • Kelli Langley

      Thank you Mr. Thacker!!! So tired of “white nationalist” being blamed for everything! On Sunday a white police officer was killed by a black suspect…where is the outrage? A Federal officer was killed in the rioting in Oakland (he was black)…..where is the outrage? This is an excuse for lazy irrational people to loot and steal, and for leaders of certain identity politics groups to make themselves victims, brainwashing those who are too uneducated or to set in their ways to actually research this! All lives matter!!!

      • Jen

        The Fresno and Clovis protests have been nothing but peaceful. In fact, our local police have praised our protests for our adherence to remaining peaceful.

        If you actually think ‘All Lives Matter’, then you wouldn’t support white nationalists who are the ones stirring up trouble. They are the ones turning our peaceful movement into a violent one to suit the narrative that all protests against injustice are violent and destructive.

        Your blatant racism is leading you to condemning the wrong people.

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