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Videos Clearly Show George Floyd NOT Resisting Arrest Before He Was ‘Murdered’ by Police



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As the fallout continues around the Monday night killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, new footage has emerged showing the precise moment when Floyd was pulled from his car and placed in handcuffs during the initial stages of the encounter that ended with him pinned down by the neck for several minutes and ultimately dying.

The video published by Fox 9 shows dashcam footage of Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, being roughly manhandled and forcibly removed from his Mercedes-Benz ML 320 SUV.

In a separate CCTV video clip obtained from a nearby restaurant by CBS News and posted last night to Twitter, another angle of the altercation can be seen. Floyd appears to be passively sitting against the wall while in handcuffs before an officer lifts him up to stand. The two officers then walk Floyd toward the car.

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