How about a couple of cans of Tailgate Red to go with that lusciously fresh Fresno State corn that everyone is raving about — or maybe a white or a rosé?

Shoppers at the Gibson Farm Market will soon find Fresno State Winery Tailgate vintages in aluminum cans. (OK Boomers, don’t fret, the wine will still be sold in traditional glass bottles.)

Students and staff at the Barstow Avenue winery will start producing the Tailgate Wine Series in cans on Friday morning.

Wine isn’t typically associated with Fresno State sporting events (imagine the potential for broken glass at tailgate parties), but once the coronavirus threat eases and sporting events can resume, the university’s canned wine will be sold there as well.

Portability is one of the reasons winemakers are putting their product in cans as well as bottles.

Thirst for Wine in Cans Keeps Growing

Each 12.7-ounce can of Tailgate Wine will be lined to ensure proper taste and will equal about a half-bottle of wine. They will be sold as singles or in four-packs at the Gibson Farm Market before the Fourth of July holiday.

Canned wine has grown in popularity in recent years, especially among millennials. reported in December that canned wine would be 10% of the entire wine market by 2025.

Fresno State is the first university in the nation to have a commercial winery on a university campus.

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