Take a tour of the Fashion Fair reopening Tuesday morning with GV Wire’s Jamie Ouverson in the video above.

Brian Malony, the mall’s senior marketing manager, said that 50 to 55 of the 140 stores opened Tuesday and he expects more to open daily.

The mall, Malony said, is strictly following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control for social distancing and sanitizing. In addition, all customers are required to wear masks.

Customers ‘Happy’ to Return

Customers started lining up at 9:30 a.m. — 90 minutes before the doors opened.

“I am seeing a lot of our customers happy to be back,” said Rebecca Perez, a sales associate at Big Sexy Boutique. “We’re cleaning everything that we can that people touch.”

Malony said that “retailers are continuing to figure out and perfect their system of what this new normal looks like.”

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