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Madera Woman Got Coronavirus at Funeral and Died. Her Family Honored Her With a Drive-Up Service



Photo of the Arbor Vitae Cemetery in Madera, Calif.
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MADERA, Calif. — On Wednesday afternoon, five cars filled with grieving members of Wanda DeSelle’s family and friend group rolled into Madera’s Arbor Vitae cemetery.DeSelle died from complications of coronavirus.
She apparently had contracted COVID-19 from a previous funeral. Nobody left their cars as the casket of the 76-year-old nurse was transported by four funeral home workers from a white Cadillac hearse to the graveside.
No sound, other than the humming of car engines and a distant lawnmower, could be heard as the coffin was lowered into the ground.If anybody wept, the sound of their cries was contained within their vehicles.

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