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‘The Coronavirus Finally Gave the World a Chance to Feel What We Gazans Have Always Felt’



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Leaving the Gaza Strip was the only thing Randa could think of for an entire year after finishing university. Months of unsuccessful job hunting depressed the 23-year-old English literature graduate, whose bachelor’s degree had been achieved at the expense of her family’s savings. She spent most of her days in her room, looking for a way out of the besieged Palestinian enclave.
Now, as countries tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by issuing the most draconian measures, Gazans like Randa are watching on as people around the world find themselves in a state of lockdown. Or as Gazans call it, reality.
“The coronavirus finally gave the world a chance to feel what we have always felt,” says Randa, self-isolating in her new home in the United Kingdom.
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