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COVID-19 Testing Was Set Up in Church Parking Lot. It Was a Scam.



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Shannon Wilson says workers in protective gowns, goggles and gloves convinced her the drive-through testing site at Sojourn Church was authentic.
“They were in their full get-up; they had white uniforms on, masks on, they even gave me a mask because they didn’t want me to cough on them,” she said.
But the Louisville, KY woman suffering from COVID-19 symptoms says she was the victim of a scam, and is out $240 in the process. Though “technicians” swabbed her throat, the test was fake.
Wilson said she fell for the scam because she was desperate and thought it was real. Now she has a message for others to make sure no one else becomes a victim.
Local officials are warning people to only seek out coronavirus tests through their doctor or healthcare professional.
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