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Influencers in LA Are Taking a 'Hygiene Ice Cream Truck' to Skid Row's Homeless to Prevent Coronavirus Spread



Photo of Elijah Daniel handing out supplies to LA's homeless population
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On Sunday, a white van with the word “Cult” written on its side in pink chalk pulled up to a trash-covered embankment in Skid Row, a neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles known for its condensed population of the county’s nearly 60,000 homeless individuals.
Underneath the word “Cult” was a pink smiley face and the passenger-side door read “Supplies.” A lithe 26-year-old with neon orange gloves and a white bandana tied around his face hopped out and began handing out purple plastic bags with basic hygiene products inside: individually-wrapped soaps, water, toothbrushes, tampons.
Elijah Daniel was the distributor and his roommate Kellen Schneider was driving the van. Inside of it were a few thousand of about 400,000 supplies Daniel has fundraised for and started to order over the past week.
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