Dumont Printing, a commercial printer in Fresno, is now printing something different. Face-shield masks for frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

GV Wire spoke with one of their representatives, Brenda Flum, over the phone to ask how this whole idea started.

“Dumont Printing immediately started figuring out how to repurpose equipment, sourced raw materials, started production and delivered their first order all within one week,” Flum said. “Everyone was energized with a purpose.”

Owner Took It as a New Challenge

Dumont President and owner Susan Moore said in the email that the effort was inspired by a printing company thousands of miles away.

“When Joe of Calagaz Printing in Alabama called asking if I was up to a new challenge, I felt like he threw me a life-line,” Moore explained in an email. “He shared his idea of making face shields and how it had given his empty print shop purpose, while helping the healthcare industry, and keeping his staff employed. It was a true partnership between the south and west.”


If you know any medical facility needing face shields, please have them contact us. We are manufacturing in Fresno, California. 559-485-6311

Posted by Dumont Printing & Mailing on Friday, March 27, 2020

Urging Others to Share This Information

Dumont is urging everyone to share this information with any healthcare facility needing face shields. Dumont Printing has committed to running around the clock to fill as many orders as possible.

“If you know any medical facility needing face shields, please have them contact us. We are manufacturing in Fresno, California. 559-485-6311,” Dumont said in a Facebook post.

Face Shields Aren’t Generally Used Alone

According to the National Institutes of Health, face shields are generally used in conjunction with some other form of protection.

In a January 2017 article, the NIH writes, “Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that are used by many workers (e.g., medical, dental, veterinary) for protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids. Face shields are generally not used alone, but in conjunction with other protective equipment and are therefore classified as adjunctive personal protective equipment.”

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  1. Janet

    Thanks so much for stepping up! You are great! I’ll use you for any of my printing needs in the future!!

  2. bob

    My wife through the face shield I purchased for her back at my face… You can purchase industrial shields at any of a vast number of industrial material distributors. (welding, paint, tools, hardware, etc. ” ) I can purchase from any of 3 tool trucks that come to my shop each week.
    consider selling something Without the wrap around attachment. An attachment like eye glasses will work with a “Hair-Do” .


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