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Parking Lots Closed at Fresno City Parks, but There's Still a Way In



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The city of Fresno closed off parking lots at city parks effective Wednesday morning. One park in northwest Fresno was eerily quiet as a city worker locked a chain link gate across the driveway.
At Logan Park at Barstow and Valentine, the parking lots were closed but pedestrian gates remained open.
Northwest Fresno resident Nancy Kipp was inside the park with her dogs.

Video by Jim Jakobs, GV Wire
“Well I think it’s really important that our parks remain open,” she said. “It’s the one place we can get out and get a little exercise.”

City Orders Lots Closed ‘Promote Social Distancing’

Fresno City Manager Wilma Quan ordered lots at city parks closed, “to protect the health of the entire community and promote social distancing,” according to a news release and social media post.

The Mayor’s declaration of emergency encouraged outdoor exercise as long as the public maintains a physical distance of…

Posted by City of Fresno, California on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The closures are limited to the parking lots. The parks and playgrounds themselves, remain open.

Social Media Points to Busy Parks Over Weekend

A comment on the city’s Facebook page about what it was like to be out at Woodward Park this past weekend. “Oh wow. No more park. I think that’s a great idea. I’m guilty if going to woodward on Sunday and there were lots of ppl out, excercising and with their dog. Although that sounds healthy, there were way too many ppl even if we kept a good distance. Just close it. We can just walk around the neighborhood if needed,” wrote Ein-alem Yang.
Tha Pen added, “The parks are a great and safe place to walk my dog but I have to drive there. Luckily I have a lawn so my dog will just have to manage at home.”