The city of Fresno released two new emergency orders related to the COVID-19.

Signed by Fresno City Manager Wilma Quan — acting as Emergency Services Director — the orders urge Fresno businesses to send employees 65 and older home, and allow certain city employees to stay home as well. Both were signed Wednesday.

Seniors Should Stay Home

Order 3 “strongly urged” any business in Fresno to allow employees 65 and older or those who are medically vulnerable to stay home.

Quan based her order on CDC recommendations.

Businesses that are exempt from the voluntary order include healthcare, public safety, sole proprietors, a long list of “critical infrastructure sectors,” and essential government functions.

Working at home is allowed.

City Employees Don’t Have to Use Leave

Order 4 allows for modified work schedules for city employees, including changing hours and days off.

It also calls for employees to “work out of class” as necessary.

For employees who are directed by the order to stay home, they can do so with pay and not have to use designated time off. Others who stay home voluntarily may use their sick or vacation benefits. They can also borrow against future leave balances if necessary.

The order does not specify which employees are ordered to stay home (other than those 65 and older or medically vulnerable, designated from a prior order).

Meetings Canceled

Several Fresno committee and board meetings next week are canceled. They include the Civil Service Board and Historic Preservation Commission scheduled for Monday; and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee on Wednesday. According to the city clerk’s website, the Housing and Community Development Commission is still scheduled for Wednesday.



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  1. Penny L Cedras

    I understand that the vulnerable need to stay home the elders and sick. But everyone has gone so crazy now to go out to get stuff to stay home I can’t find a single thing to get from toilet paper paper towels and bleaches everything has gone off the shelves. How are we able to stay home when we have to run around from Clovis to Fresno and Fresno county to get what we need and can’t find a thing to help us.. I try to help others that don’t have what they need. But it cuts me short. I don’t say anything i don’t want them feeling bad because im I’m cutting my self Short now. The stores that have a seniors morning to go and get things that is needed like save Mart can a Walmart do the same thing. Just so everyone is safe and get what is needed… Thank you for understanding….


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