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There are Dozens of Promising Covid-19 Vaccines in the Pipeline



Photo of CDC test kits
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Hundreds of new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus are showing up in new parts of the world, even as they decline at the outbreak epicenter in China.
The good news is that the world is in better shape than it’s ever been to come up with a medical solution — a coronavirus drug or vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies and research centers have mobilized and are developing new ways to prevent and treat Covid-19. Viral genetics hold the key to creating what could end this outbreak for good: vaccines and pharmaceutical treatments.
Many of the vaccine and drug development efforts underway build on past efforts to deal with other viral outbreaks, including coronaviruses like MERS and SARS — which means researchers had a head start with Covid-19.
The news site Vox has broken down the state of play for some of the most promising efforts to date. They outline the key vaccines and drugs in development, the new technologies and collaborations behind them, and how far they are from becoming available to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.
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