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Women Get Second Chance With Dog Treats



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Women battling addiction are finding a second chance in an unlikely place: in a kitchen, baking dog treats.
Photo of bags of Dogs Dig Em' All-Natural Dog Treats

(Facebook/St Francis Homeless Project)

“Our mission is to provide disadvantaged women that have gone through addictions, human trafficking and domestic violence with a work skill program and training that will lead them and equip them to find employment,” said Sandra Kaye with the St. Francis Homeless Project.
Dogs Dig Em’ All-Natural Dog Treats are made from scratch in the kitchen of the Clovis Institute of Technology.
Kaye runs the program and has overseen 173 women coming through the program.
“Of that, 72% have succeeded to go on to getting their children back, going back to school, working, buying houses, bringing families back together,” she said.
The treats are in more than 100 stores in the Central Valley, and they’re close to striking a deal with a major grocery store chain.
The women are paid for their work, and the money made off of selling the treats goes back to fighting homelessness through the St. Francis Homeless Project.
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