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Tesla Is Working on New ~110 Kwh Battery Pack for More Than 400 Miles of Range



Photo of Tesla hood and logo
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Tesla is working on a new ~110 kWh battery pack, its largest yet, and it should bring the range of some of its electric vehicles to more than 400 miles on a single charge.
During Tesla’s 2019 Shareholder’s Meeting last month, CEO Elon Musk said that he sees Tesla having a 400-mile range electric car soon.
At the time, the Model S ‘Long Range’ was Tesla’s longest-range vehicle with a 370-mile EPA rating.
Since then, Tesla has updated the range of the vehicle, which is now called Model S Long Range Plus, and it has now an official 390-mile EPA rating.
We are told that the new range was actually achieved through some software improvements and Tesla updating the range with the EPA.
Now we’ve learned that Tesla is actually preparing a hardware upgrade that should lead to an even greater range for the Model S and other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup.
Jason Hughes, a well-known Tesla hacker and parts reseller dug into Tesla’s latest battery management system updates and found that the automaker has been working on a new battery pack configuration:

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