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Palestinians Slam Israel's West Bank Power Project: 'Meant to Support Settlements'



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The Palestinian Authority’s Energy Authority has condemned an Israeli master plan for the development of an electricity grid in the West Bank, saying that it is designed “to establish Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank and to support the brutal presence of the settlements on our land.”
The plan, which was not coordinated with the PA and is in the process of being approved by Israel’s National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Ministry, seeks for the first time to provide a blueprint for the electricity market in the West Bank through 2040 and to develop infrastructure for Israeli settlements as well as for the Palestinians residing there.
The Israeli portion of the plan, which is devoted to the settlements, is to be funded, planned and executed by Israel.
However, it calls for the Palestinian Authority to carry out the Palestinian portion of the plan. Therefore, if the PA refuses to agree to it, that portion won’t be implemented.
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