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Yosemite 'Firefall' Fans May Be Disappointed



Photo of the firefall in Yosemite
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It’s that time of year again when Mother Nature plays a magic trick at Yosemite National Park and makes it look like lava is flowing off a cliff.
“Firefall” is the name for the annual phenomenon that creates the illusion at the park in California. It comes to life when the setting sun causes light to hit the waterfall at just the right angle.

You can see “Firefall” for only a short time in February, and it draws hundreds of visitors each night. This year, that’s between February 13 and 27.
How it looks varies from year to year and even day to day. It all relies on the weather and how much water is flowing in Horsetail Fall.
“This year, there is little to no water in Horsetail Fall, with no precipitation in the forecast over the next two weeks,” Yosemite National Park said in a statement Wednesday.
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