The photograph with this story isn’t doctored.

But the object hovering near Mt. Shasta isn’t a flying saucer either.

Lenticular Clouds Explained

It’s a lenticular cloud photographed by fire management officer Paul Zerr of the U.S. Forest Service on Feb. 12.

“Lenticular clouds are stationary clouds … and normally develop on the downwind side of a mountain or mountain of a mountain or mountain range,” the Forest Service explained in a Facebook post. “They are most common during the winter months and Mt. Shasta is one of the places to spot them in the state and perhaps the country.”

The National Weather Service has more on lenticular clouds at this link.

Big Hit on Facebook

“Wow! I’ve seen a lot of lenticular clouds around Mt. Shasta over the years, but this one is the strangest,” said Facebook commenter Robert Bobby Phillips.

Added Brandon Vee, in another Facebook comment: “With all the UFO stories abound in the Mt. Shasta area, this cloud fits in well. “

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