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Pro-Israel Democratic Super PAC to Air Attack Ads Against Bernie Sanders



Photo of Bernie Sanders
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DES MOINES — A Democratic super PAC will begin airing attack ads in Iowa against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Wednesday, marking the first time a Democratic organization has run a negative campaign spot targeting Mr. Sanders by name in either of his two primary campaigns.
The ad, backed by Democratic Majority for Israel’s political action arm, comes as concerns among moderate Democrats mount that Mr. Sanders could win Iowa, setting the avowed democratic socialist on a possible path to the nomination. With Mr. Sanders leading in some polls ahead of the Feb. 3 caucuses, the spot is the first sign of a still-disjointed effort to stop his rise by the moderate wing of the party.
It also signals a new line of attack against Mr. Sanders. For much of the Democratic nomination race, his rivals have focused on his policy positions, arguing that his proposals for “Medicare for all” and free public college are too expensive and unfeasible.
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