SAN FRANCISCO — California had a net loss of residents of about 129,000 people in the year ending in July of 2019, according to data from the U.S. Census.

Many of them moving to states with a lower cost of living like Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and Idaho.

Along with the exodus comes growing pains and opportunities.

For years Brian K. Gillman had a thriving notary business in the Bay Area but shifted into real estate in 2019 when he noticed throngs of Bay Area residents wanted to move out of state.

“When they sell that’s half the process. They have to go somewhere and I heard it over and over, they’ve been having a bad experience when they land,” said Gillman.
Recognizing the need to help buyers find the right location to move to, Brian and his team now travel to cities across the country.

“I am looking into Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee,” said Gillman.

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