The Kelly Slater Wave Company Surf Ranch, also known as Slater’s wave, is a 20-acre surfing park in Lemoore.

The man-made waves hit speeds of 20 mph and heights of 8 feet, making it suitable for World Surf League Championship Tour events.

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Customers pay $10,000 to surf for an hour, thus the central California surf ranch has a celebrity clientele: Chris Hemsworth, Drew Brees, Tony Hawk, Shaun White, and Eddie Vedder have caught waves there.

Facts and Figures

According to, the surf ranch cost $30 million to design, develop, and build.

It is filled with 15 million gallons of UV-and-chlorine-treated freshwater.

And, the waves can be adjusted to fit beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers.

Watch: Inside Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, Where You Can Surf 100 Miles Inland

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