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Justice Matters for Rohingya: Daily Brief



Photo of a Rohingya family
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Myanmar’s Rohingya victims may finally get their day in court; laws used to silence critics in Lebanon; Syria hospital bombings & role of Russia; unprecedented UN critique of China’s abusive Xinjiang policies; climate of fear for dissidents and journalists in Nigeria; and Israel may deport HRW director Omar Shakir 10 days from now.
Myanmar’s abuses against the Rohingya Muslim minority are in the spotlight again, as International Criminal Court judges have authorized the prosecutor to investigate the crime of deportation and related current and future crimes. This “gives Rohingya victims renewed hope that the architects of the brutal scorched earth campaign against them may one day be held to account,” says HRW’s Param-Preet Singh. “Rohingya victims may finally get their day in court.”

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