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I've Watched Over 100 TED Talks. Here Are 13 Most Insightful Nuggets of Wisdom



Photo of TED Talk stage
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While attending the TED conference in Vancouver, Canada, I resolved not to skip a single talk for fear that I’d miss out on a golden nugget of wisdom to share with our readers.
After totaling up all the speeches across the five-day conference, I realized I had attended 107 talks. That’s about 30 hours of presentations, all of which I’ve distilled into a few key lessons.
This year’s theme, “Bigger Than Us,” encouraged speakers to present solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. A few missed the mark in terms of offering the kind of “tough truths” that participants were promised, but others posited ideas we’ll be mulling over for years to come.
Here are the lessons that have stuck with me the most.

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