Judge Jeanine Pirro’s scheduled visit to Tulare is not happening.

The Fox News personality was scheduled to speak at a rally organized by the Valley Young Republicans PAC on Nov. 7. However, the event is no longer mentioned in the group’s social media. The International Agri-Center in Tulare, where Pirro’s talk was supposed to take place, says it was canceled.

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David Taub

Politics 101

Politics 101 reached out to Valley Young Republicans and Fox News for a comment, but neither responded.

Media Matters for America, a self-described “progressive research and information center” monitoring the media (especially Fox News), reported Pirro’s appearance would violate a Fox News policy against talent participating in campaign events. This would be at least the seventh Pirro appearance canceled in the last few weeks.

Valley Young Republicans formed as a federal political action committee last August. The group is associated with Blake Zante, the former Fresno State student body president now working as the communications director for state Sen. Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno).

Murphy Not Running for Congress

Merced Mayor Mike Murphy says he is not running for Congress.

Murphy mulled a run for the 16th District seat, represented by Jim Costa (D-Fresno). He even flirted with running as a no party preference candidate instead of his Republican registration.

In the end, Murphy preferred to work on Merced business, especially with the Tour of California bike race returning to the city next year.

“I want to be focused on Merced in 2020. Devoting my final year as Mayor to a congressional race would detract from that focus,” Murphy said in a news release. “I want to thank everyone who has shown me support in this process. … I’m looking forward to the upcoming year as we work on the many exciting projects that lie ahead for our community.”

Fresno City Councilwoman Esmeralda Soria, Merced educator Kim Williams (both Democrats), and Fresno County Republican and former educator Kevin Cookingham are running for the seat. The primary is March 3.

Homeowner Symposium

Murphy spoke last Friday (Oct. 18) at a homeowners symposium organized by the California Association of Realtors at Fresno State. Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton, and Clovis City Councilman Jose Flores also participated.

Brand said the level of local homeownership was a problem, noting that millennials would rather rent. He said the best tools for ownership are jobs with sufficient wages and benefits. Duplexes and tiny houses can also add supply, he said.

Creighton talked about Atwater’s struggles to comply with state housing mandates. His goal is to make his city a bedroom community for Merced, especially as UC Merced grows.

While Murphy welcomed increased transportation with a soon-to-be expand ACE Train, he stated he does not want Merced to be a bedroom community for the Bay Area.

“Nothing we do is free of controversy, but it is worth the patience.” — Fresno Mayor Lee Brand talking about high-speed rail

Speaking about high-speed rail, Brand said he was once a critic, but has a different attitude now. He “can’t let go” of building a Silicon Valley to Central Valley connection.

“Nothing we do is free of controversy, but it is worth the patience,” Brand said.

Clovis is challenged to provide enough housing, Flores said, citing prevailing wage and other state regulations that stifle affordable housing.

Murphy added, “There is nothing affordable about building affordable housing.”

A Charlie Minn Story

Charlie Minn makes documentaries. But, his resume includes stops as a sportscaster on KSEE-24, and before that, with the World Wrestling Federation.

Recently on his podcast, Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Ross shared a story of why Minn’s career as a pro wrestling announcer in 1994 was short-lived.

“He thought he was Bob Costas. (WWF legend Gorilla) Monsoon said, ‘I’ve got some advice for you, kid.’ “

Responded Minn: “What’s that, Gorilla?”

Monsoon answered, “First of all, that’s Mr. Monsoon to you. And, that is, you need to rent. You don’t need to buy nothing here.”

Minn has done all right since leaving pro wrestling, documenting such events as the violence in Juarez, Mexico, and the 1980s Long Island Rail Road shooting.

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