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Trump Accused of Using ‘Language of Ethnic Cleansing’ to Describe Turkey’s Syria Offensive



Photo of President Donald Trump
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Donald Trump has been accused of employing “the language of ethnic cleansing” over remarks he made about Turkey‘s invasion of northern Syria.
Democrats described as “chilling” the way Mr Trump set out his backing of Ankara’s violent creation of a “safe zone” in Syria, which was triggered by the president’s own actions.
“They had to have it cleaned out,” Mr Trump said of Turkey’s offensive to expel Kurdish fighters and their families from the area. Ankara launched its incursion against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) a week ago, days after the Republican announced he was withdrawing American troops from the area. The SDF had been US allies in the fight against Isis.

President Trump Hails Syria Ceasefire Agreement As “Tremendous Success”
After landing in Forth Worth, Texas, President Trump speaks to reporters about the Syria ceasefire agreement reached between the U.S. and Turkey. Hailing the deal as a “tremendous success,” President Trump says it will save a lot of lives. He also says that sanctions against Turkey won’t now be necessary.

President Trump Rally in Dallas, Texas
President Trump held a campaign rally in Dallas at the American Airlines Center He touted his administration’s achievements, including the recent announcement of a ceasefire with Turkey, in which he hopes to have a permanent deal done within five days. He also criticized the media and the Democrats, as well as expressing his disdain for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA).

President Trump’s Remarks on Ceasefire Deal with Turkey
Speaking at a campaign rally in Dallas, President Trump mentions the ceasefire deal with Turkey, saying that “sometimes you have to let them fight,” and that it is “unconventional.” He also says that he hopes to have a deal done within 5 days.

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