A Fresno Unified trustee says a restraining order filed against him by a Bullard High School student is frivolous and politically motivated.

Terry Slatic returns to court Monday afternoon for a hearing on the restraining order sought by the 16-year old cheerleader.

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Politics 101

The student filed the request shortly after Slatic met with the cheer squad in July. In her filing, she said she felt bullied and threatened. A judge rejected issuing a temporary and immediate restraining order but allowed the case to continue. Last month, Judge Noelle Pebet ordered both Slatic and the girl to stay 20 yeards away from each other.

Slatic Plans to Use Audio Recording

Audio of the meeting leaked shortly thereafter, played in the media and at a contentious July board meeting. Slatic says the audio was illegally recorded by the cheer program director. He plans to introduce it as evidence.

“It will not only expose the request for a (temporary restraining order) that was filed in this case as an utter sham pleading devoid of any legal legitimacy, but further amplify the fact it was undertaken in bad faith for purely political purposes,” Slatic wrote in a response filed in court this week.

Slatic talked to the cheer team regarding an incident where a member posted a video to social media in blackface and using inappropriate racial language.

Many in the community became upset with Slatic holding the meeting, and the perception he threatened to disband the team because they would not accept the girls involved in the video back on the team, even though they were disciplined by the school. According to a transcript Slatic plans to introduce as evidence, Superintendent Bob Nelson “was on the verge” of disbanding the team.

A recall effort is underway to remove Slatic from office.

In a court filing this week, Slatic said “several ‘rogue’ members” of the cheer team “engaged on an onslaught of loathsome behavior to vilify, attack, and mete out their own punishment on social media platforms with a menacing campaign grounded in scornful hate and venomous contempt.”

Requests for a comment from the girl’s attorney of record, Aida Macedo, were not returned.

Audio Transcript

Transcript, which will be presented as evidence, of Terry Slatic’s meeting with the cheer team.

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Slatic’s Legal Brief

Slatic’s response, filed in Fresno County Superior Court, to the restraining order request against him.

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3 Responses

  1. Alec station

    Another poorly written story “20 feet” should say 20 yards again Slatic still can’t comprehend he had no Authority as a individual board member to even be at that meeting nor talk to the cheer team

    He can not comprehend that he is the adult

    And his pass incidents of miss behavior harassment intimidation is not going to work anymore and the courts will not be fooled into such and your sons wrestling buddies dad to represent you is in poor taste why not ask your brother for help using his high power marijuana attorneys

  2. Joe Barron

    The Superintendent does not involve themselves in the activities or the disciplining of students involved in extracurricular activities, that responsibility is left to the site principal. Once again, Mr. Slatic is trying to construct an inaccurate narrative about student rights and District processes to give legitimacy to his unethical and intemperate conduct.

  3. Dan

    I wish Terry Slatic would pay more attention to his family than to the Bullard High cheerleading squad.


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