Tonight you will have your pick to hear the candidates for Congressional District 22. Incumbent Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) will headline the Fresno County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

While the official announcement of his location won’t be released until around 5 p.m, or an hour before the event’s 6 p.m. start time, multiple sources tell Politics 101 it will be at the Sunnyside Country Club in southeast Fresno (5704 East Butler Avenue, east of Clovis Avenue).

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David Taub

Politics 101

Why the secrecy?

The official line from party officials is security concerns. The U.S. Capitol Police said they do not discuss how they provide congressional protection, thus could not confirm whether the request to keep the location secret was at theirs.

This event was rescheduled from April when it was abruptly canceled.

Since Politics 101 first reported on the event, social media chatter picked up.

Selma-based national columnist Victor Davis Hanson is the other headliner, with Clovis councilman Bob Whalen serving as emcee.

Meanwhile, the three Democrats hoping to unseat Nunes will hold a forum at the county Democratic Party HQ. Phil Arballo, Bobby Bliatout and Dary Rezvani will meet in downtown Fresno (1033 U Street) starting at 6 p.m.

A copy of the invitation to the 2019 Reagan Lincoln Fresno GOP dinner.

Progressive Pundit Cornel West Packs City College Event

Cornel West packed them in at Fresno City College for a speech Tuesday (Aug. 27) afternoon.

The noted social commentator and frequent panelist on “Real Time with Bill Maher” drew an overflow crowd of 800 people, with hundreds more turned away from the Old Administration Building auditorium.

His hour-long speech dabbled in politics, but was heavier on humanity. Basically, his message was be kind and love one another.

“My mama said ‘peacocks strut because they can’t fly.’ I want to be an eagle,” West told the audience.

After the speech, he signed books and took photos with his fans. GV Wire asked him his thoughts on the 2020 election.

“I see Brother Bernie is escalating and moving up. But, we just want to make sure our politicians have vision, integrity, concern for our poor working people. We have to get our criteria in place. We’ve got to make sure immigrants are treated with dignity and sanctity, our working people are treated with dignity and sanctity, people of color… and most importantly our politicians have integrity. I work with Brother Bernie, no doubt about that. But, all of us have to be accountable,” West said.

What strategy does he recommend to those seeking to defeat President Donald Trump?

“Energize fellow citizens, tell the truth, seek justice and we’ll beat him.”

Fresno City College officials said other speakers who drew similar crowds were former San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo, celebrity advice giver Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Chaz Bono.


Pelosi Coming to Fresno

Christine Pelosi

A Pelosi is headed to Fresno next month to headline the 2019 National Women’s Political Caucus dinner. But it’s not Nancy.

Her daughter Christine Pelosi, a Democratic Party operative, and political celebrity in her own right, will speak at the Sept. 18 dinner at TorNino’s (5080 N. Blackstone).

The group will honor local attorney Patience Milrod, Black Women Organized for Political Action president Dezi Woods-Jones and state Senator Anna Caballero.

Nasreen Johnson will receive the “Courage to Run” (but not necessarily win) Award. Johnson ran for Fresno Unified school board (falling to Terry Slatic) in 2018, and in a special election for Fresno County supervisor in 2019 (won by Steve Brandau).

Fresno School Advocacy Group Getting More Political

As the name implies GO Public Schools Fresno Advocates believes in quality public education.

Now, the group is organizing politically.

GO formed a recipient committee, which will allow it to raise and spend money on political campaigns.

“Similar to the Sierra Club and ACLU, we have a political arm that we set up to give our network of families, educators, and allies a voice in political elections, particularly at the FUSD school board level, but also including education-related ballot measures at state & local levels,” said Fresno GO Executive Director Mike Espinoza.

Officially called “Fresno Families for Quality Education, Sponsored by GO Public Schools Fresno Advocates,” the group also plans to make endorsements in local races.

More Info on City Hall Security

Now that the Fresno City Council approved a security plan at City Hall that will include metal detectors and baggage scanners, when will it be implemented?

“To be determined.  There is a process to bring on a new vendor,” city spokesman Mark Standriff said.

When the new security plan does get up and running, the public can only access City Hall on the first floor. Employees and elected officials will not be subject to the security line.

As far as the second floor doors, accessible by two sets of gently sloping stairs from the outside — they will remain, but only accessible by staff with keycards.

Standriff does not anticipate long lines at the first-floor check in.

“We feel the security process will be expedient. The county has a very similar set up at the Del Webb offices,” he said.

2 Responses

  1. Mary Louise

    Ha, ha, ha! “Come join us” but we won’t tell you where until it’s almost time for the function. Security? Really?!? Poor little Devin doesn’t want to be greeted by protesters especially protesters from his precinct.

  2. Kip Bowmar

    I was remarkably disappointed with David Taub’s smug, unnecessary, snarky put down of Nasreen Michelle Johnson, who will be honored for the Courage to Run Award in September. The whole point of the award is to recognize the bravery it takes for every day people who are not politicians to step up and run for political office, even when facing long odds. Does Taub seek to discourage others from doing this by making snide comments when they don’t win? I don’t know if he would have made the same comment if he were writing about another white male like himself as opposed to a female. Clearly Nasreen’s brand of leadership was (and still is) needed as the candidate she lost to for School Board Trustee (Slatic) has in less than 10 months in the job a) been in a physical altercation with a student, b) offered a remarkably implausible explanation for the incident, c) been ordered by a judge to stay away from another student, d) been unanimously censured for his actions by fellow Trustees, and e) stripped of leadership duties until he completes an anger management course. Yes, we very much need more leaders like Nasreen with the courage to run and less cheap shots taken at them if they happen not to win.


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