People who have permits to carry a concealed weapon should “exercise” their rights so they’ll be ready to protect their community “and defend ourselves against active shooters,” Tulare County’s sheriff said on social media Wednesday night.

Days after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, claimed 31 lives, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux posted on Twitter that those with a California Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit should use it in order to defend themselves and others against “those who use guns for criminal behavior.”

One of the people responding to the sheriff’s tweet asked how officers responding to a shooting could tell the difference between the armed “good guys” and “bad guys.”

“I would argue … in most cases the situation is nearly over,” responded Boudreaux, who has served as sheriff since 2013. “Those with CCWs have been taught the rules on how to respond to law enforcement.”

The same person also asked how people with CCW permit could differentiate, in the midst of shooting, between a criminal with a gun and another person with a permit.

“Identify Yourself Immediately,” Boudreaux tweeted. “If they spot you with a gun, police officers will issue you a very stern, not-so-nice warning to drop the gun. Comply Without Hesitation. Good guys comply, bad guys don’t.”

As of Thursday morning, the sheriff’s tweet had more than 45 responses.

Update: Kings County Sheriff David Robinson chimes in on Facebook.

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  1. Bob

    As concealed carry permit holders go through thorough background checks with fingerprints, the amount of those who abuse it is tiny. I mean really, the cops have instant access to your info. Who’s going to run around being crazy knowing it wouldn’t take much to catch them. Those of you misinformed about such things might look at your neighbors to the north, Oregon and Washington, where we have both open and concealed carry. Our crime rates are on the lower end of the scale for the US and far below yours in California. Unfortunately, both our governors and liberal legislators are looking for a solution without a problem, like your batch of idiots. We are doing quite well overall, and at least in Washington, a large share of their problems are caused by gangs. Good luck on that one. It’s a special case requiring a lot of political stuff which I won’t address here. Oh, and Idaho, Utah, etc. Instead of buying into the lies of gun control groups and politicians, do your homework, study the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and get a dose of reality. Your state and Federal politicians are either deliberately lying to you or are ignorant of reality.

  2. Michael

    I wonder how many ccw carriers have been shoot by police. I am personally for ccw.


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