Vice President Mike Pence will make a fundraising stop in Coalinga next week, GV Wire has confirmed.

While details of the event have not been released by the Republican National Committee, an invitation first posted by ABC30’s Corin Hoggard shows ranchers and major Republican donors John and Carole Harris are serving as hosts. The Harris Ranch hotel and restaurant is in Coalinga.

The get-in-the-door price for the July 10 event is $2,800 for an individual.

The event will be closed to the media.

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  1. Pete

    I do NOT understand how Mr. Harris can support a four time bankrupt with decades of Russian and other nefarious sources of financing and obvious difficulty in maintaining the basic character of America, Truth and Justice. NO amount of political advantage is worth the cost of having Trump desecrate our values. Please reconsider your position in supporting anyone, including Trump, with all of his history and baggage, who lowers our standards.
    Thank you.


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