In California, there’s a way parents can use money from the government to buy multi-day Disneyland Park Hopper passes, San Diego Zoo family memberships, tickets to Medieval Times and dolphin encounters at SeaWorld.

Parents can enroll their children in a “home school charter.”

There are a handful of charter schools that give students’ families as much as $2,800 to $3,200 — tax dollars sent to the charter schools — every year to spend on anything they want from a list of thousands of home school vendors approved by the charters, according to the schools’ websites.

Some home school vendors offer tutoring, curriculum, books and other traditionally educational services. Other vendors sell tickets to theme parks that are billed as field trips, or extracurricular activities that are billed as P.E., including parkour classes, acting classes, ice skating lessons, horseback riding lessons and more.

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  1. Joseph Herzog

    EVERY dollar sent to a charter takes money from our already underfunded public schools. NONE of these “specials” advertised by charter schools meets any of our states standards, and California is so lax in it’s control and transparency of charter schools, that most of this is just BS anyway. Just a way for privateers to make money off the public and screw the public schools and millions of public school students. It’s all been well documented before and there are currently 11 people charged with theft for stealing something between 50 million and 80 million dollars of public money in their charter school scams. Wake up Californians, before it’s too late.


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