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Coconut Oil Repels Insects Better Than DEET, Compelling New Research Shows



West Nile virus mosquito
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Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to go on long excursions in the bush or simply enjoy sitting outside on a hot summers day, one thing’s for sure: remaining bug-free is of upmost importance. So when I come across studies that find things like coconut oil repels insects better than DEET, I get really excited, because protecting our health while also staying bug-free is a win-win in my opinion.
The chemical concoctions that make up most standard bug repellents wreak havoc on the nervous system. Aside from the controversial chemical, DEET, these repellents also contain ingredients like fragrance, Dimethicone, sodium benzoate as well as butane and propane. All highly neurotoxic.
Thankfully, you can still get protection from unwanted bugs by utilizing natural insect repellents like coconut oil and different essential oil blends.

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