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California Is On Its Way To Having An Avocado Crop Year-Round



Photo of avocados
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Not my avocados!
President Trump’s tough talk on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada has raised many questions — including how such a move might negatively affect the flow of beloved produce to the U.S.
Like the avocado. Americans ate 2 billion pounds of avocados last year, two-thirds of which were imported – mostly from Mexico. That’s because avocados grow year-round in Mexico’s climate – but not in California’s. But researchers in the Golden State — America’s biggest producer of the green fruit — are working to change that.
Currently, most California avocados are grown in the southern part of the state and on a narrow strip along the coast. But if avocados could grow in the Central Valley, the state’s agricultural powerhouse, farmers there could reap the benefits of our avocado addiction, as well as stand out among foreign imports.

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