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Sudan: Security Forces ‘Hiding Corpses’ of Protesters Dumped in the Nile and ‘Raping Doctors’ Amid Brutal Crackdown



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The bodies of dozens of slain protesters have been pulled from the Nile in Khartoum and taken to an unknown location, opposition activists have claimed, saying 101 people were killed across Sudan during a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy rallies.
Feared paramilitary group the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) allegedly retrieved at least 40 corpses from the river on Tuesday, according to Sudan Doctors’ Committee, who organised the main sit-in in the capital that was cleared the day before.
Protesters separately told The Independent they witnessed the paramilitaries hurling corpses into the river in the capital after opening fire on civilians. Eyewitnesses also claimed to have had seen the paramilitary group and other forces shoot at hospitals in Khartoum, flog demonstrators with whips, and set alight protest tents – with fears that anyone hiding inside may have been burnt alive.

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