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It's Not OK to Shoot a Dog and Leave It to Die



Photo of dog shot and left to die
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Fresno resident Josh Conder was sickened by what he saw Wednesday morning.

“I hope one day you realize how much of a monster you are.” — Josh Conder
While driving his truck on the old section of Highway 41 at the San Joaquin River, Conder saw a dog lying on the side of the road.
“This being rather unusual I turned around only to find a beautiful pitbull had been shot and left to die.”
Photo of shot dog in the back of a truck's cab

Josh Conder loaded the dog into his truck and rushed him to the animal hospital. (Josh Conder/Facebook)

Dog Couldn’t Be Saved

Conder did all he could to save the dog’s life but the bullet grazed his spine, and the dog wouldn’t be able to walk again.
Sadly, the dog had to be euthanized.
“This broke me,” Conder wrote on Facebook. “I am so tired of seeing this kind of behavior.”
Conder also had words for the shooter: “I hope one day you realize how much of a monster you are.”
Click on the video above to see an interview with Conder. 

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