Fresno resident Josh Conder was sickened by what he saw Wednesday morning.

“I hope one day you realize how much of a monster you are.” — Josh Conder

While driving his truck on the old section of Highway 41 at the San Joaquin River, Conder saw a dog lying on the side of the road.

“This being rather unusual I turned around only to find a beautiful pitbull had been shot and left to die.”

Photo of shot dog in the back of a truck's cab

Josh Conder loaded the dog into his truck and rushed him to the animal hospital. (Josh Conder/Facebook)

Dog Couldn’t Be Saved

Conder did all he could to save the dog’s life but the bullet grazed his spine, and the dog wouldn’t be able to walk again.

Sadly, the dog had to be euthanized.

“This broke me,” Conder wrote on Facebook. “I am so tired of seeing this kind of behavior.”

Conder also had words for the shooter: “I hope one day you realize how much of a monster you are.”

Click on the video above to see an interview with Conder. 

8 Responses

  1. C. Nunn

    Stories like this break my heart. It is somewhat terrifying to be living in a world with other human beings who can be this cruel.
    No wonder many people prefer dogs and other animals over humans.
    It’s a stretch to even call someone who would do this to a dog, a human.

    • Judy Petersen

      Agreed. People who abuse animals should be held accountable in the legal system as if they abused a human. In fact, in my opinion, people who abuse animals WILL abuse humans.

  2. Annie Kate

    Don’t leave your dogs run loose and this won’t happen…..especially with a pit bull….

    • Laura

      Are you serious? What makes you think anyone would ‘let’ their dog loose? That’s pretty narrow minded. Dogs do manage to get out on their own you know. But even if you are right, that in NO WAY makes it ok to shoot an animal, regardless of breed! What’s wrong with you?!? smh

  3. Marianne

    The heartless monster who did this deserve to get shot and left on the side of the road…poor baby…I’m so glad you saw him at least he didn’t have to lay there and suffer anymore…I hope Karma gets the monster and gets them good.. i.hope they will suffer !!!!

  4. Jove

    I’m sorry for the dog but when people leave their dogs to roam, regardless of how friendly the owner perceives them to be, others are threatened by the breed alone. No one can say this dog wasn’t threatening a person or a pet when this happened. Dog owners who allow their dogs to roam should never blame anyone but themselves because they did not keep their pet’s safe and close to them. It’s the owner’s fault.

    • Josh Conder

      That’s a pretty silly comment. This poor pup wasn’t running loose in the steerts This dog was taken to the country side to be murderd. Do you seriously think someone was out on a walk at 11pm who just happend to be carrring a gun and feard for their life??? NO… This dog was executed..

  5. Thomas J Hernandez

    Josh, Thank you for helping that wonderful dog. You stepped up. God bless the doggie, and you! You are correct the person that committed this horrible act is an evil monster. Thanks again, brother.


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