Three Clovis city council incumbents appear headed for re-election, preliminary results show.

Clovis Mayor Bob Whalen

Bob Whalen

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Bob Whalen (32%), Drew Bessinger (31%) and Jose Flores (29%) appear to be headed back to City Hall. Challenger Maeketah Rivera drew 8% of the 20,633 votes counted thus far.

In the at-large election, the top three vote-getters win.

Bessinger and Flores Celebrate

As soon as the first election results posted at Casa Maria’s restaurant in Clovis, supporters of Bessinger and Flores cheered and clapped. Many immediately approached the men for handshakes and congratulations.

Assuming the numbers stand, Flores will commence his sixth term in office, first winning election in 1999. Handling growth is his top priority.

“(The voters) want us to grow in a smart fashion. They’re afraid we’ll grow too big and outgrow our resources and services. They don’t want that to happen. They want Clovis to be that small town, that place to grow a family,” Flores said.

For Bessinger, public safety is his top concern.

“We got to find ways to put more cops and firemen in the streets,” Bessinger said.

Bessinger won his first election in 2017 to complete the term of the retired (and since deceased) Harry Armstrong. His apparent re-election will be his first full term.

Re-Election Trend Continues

If there is one consistent on the Clovis city council is the consistency.

An incumbent hasn’t lost a seat since 1994. The 2017 election of Bessinger and Vong Mouanoutoua was the first time new members joined the council in a decade.

“I think the voters in Clovis are communicating they like what we are doing and want us to return,” Flores said.

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  1. Fred warchol

    Drew Bessinger ran for re-election in Clovis as a public safety advocate. Here in in Atwater, he was our highly respected interim police chief. He took over a police department that was in total chaos. In few short months, he made it a highly efficient and respected force. We will always be grateful to “Chief Bessinger.”


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