Leave it to Fresno County Supervisor Buddy Mendes (District 4) to liven up a mundane conversation with a zinger.

“(Fresno) likes to do Seinfeld stuff. It’s a big production about nothing. We try to get business done. That’s what we do here in the county.”Supervisor Buddy Mendes

As the supervisors on Tuesday (Feb. 12) discussed when to hold a potential joint meeting with the city of Fresno, Mendes name-dropped one of the biggest shows in television history.

“I think one of the most important things is the city likes to do Seinfeld stuff. It’s a big production about nothing. We try to get business done. That’s what we do here in the county. And, if we have a meeting, one of the things I don’t want to see is a bunch of showboating,” Mendes said from the dais.

Mendes and other supervisors agreed to hold off on any meetings until the board is at full strength. Voters will decide at the March 5 election to choose the next supervisor for the vacant District 2 seat.

Mendes Offers an Explanation

Asked what he meant after the meeting, Mendes said:

“Talk about stuff you really have no jurisdiction over, but you talk about it anyway. Just things in general. Just look at what they do. It’s more about dramatics than actually what you do.”

Mendes cited no specific actions by the city council that led to the Seinfeld comparison. He still wants to hold a joint meeting “as long it’s not about dramatics.”

The two boards last held a joint meeting in 2017. However, smaller groups have met regularly as sub-committees to discuss city-county business.

“This isn’t negative, as if I don’t like the city,” Mendes said.

Turns out, he says he’s not a Seinfeld fan anyway.

2 Responses

  1. Gene Richards

    Super interested in anything the buffoon has to say in future. Don’t disappoint, Buddy.

  2. James Mendez

    Typical of Supervisor Buddy Mendes, unable and unwilling to work with others to come to a solution that would benefit the residents of Fresno. Disrespectful of others. Yet, attacks and criticizes others without naming names or incidents and offers no alternative solutions that could be used as a starting point for discussion. He is in the same group as Brandau and Michael Der Manouel, Jr. All anger, aggression, bluster with no discussion or compromise for solutions.


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