Since 2013, Central Valley Honor Flight has been thanking area veterans by providing them with expense-paid trips to visit America’s service memorials in Washington, D.C.

To date, more than 700 World War II veterans, 300 Korean War veterans, and 25 Vietnam war veterans have taken part in the memorable and patriotic Honor Flight experience.

GV Wire’s Jamie Ouverson was aboard Flight 17. Her documentary video above powerfully illustrates the debt of gratitude our men and women in uniform have earned this Veterans Day — and every day.

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  1. Lawrence D. Pool

    My sister, Delpha, and I were on the Central Valley Honor Flight #17 also. Our youngest brother’s name “Larry G. Pool” is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. After almost 50 years, we finally had an opportunity to touch, photograph and made a rubbing of his name.

    My one year tour in Vietnam ended in September 1968; Larry’s started in January 1969 and he was killed in July 1969. While he was on R&R in Hawaii, he sent to our mother a large box of flowers (baby orchards, anthuriums and various greenery); each had a vial of water on the stem. Those flowers arrived home the afternoon of his funeral.

    Channel 47 aired a two minute story on the event.

  2. Ron Scanlon

    I am sorry for the loss of your brother, I too know that feeling all to well. We are in a
    family none of us ever wanted to belong to.
    I had chills when I read you went to the wall, I was overwhelmed the day I made that visit.
    I hope someday you will be at peace


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