Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth says first results should be available at 8:05 p.m., five minutes after polls close in Fresno and across California.

Through Monday (Nov. 5), her office had received 92,607 vote by mail ballots. Those will be the first ones tallied.

GV Wire will post results from key local and statewide races as they come in throughout the night. The Fresno County Elections office will post countywide results on their website as well.

Returns will next update at approximately 8:45 p.m., then once an hour after that. All votes from the 268 polling sites scattered throughout the county will be tallied tonight, and possibly into the early hours of Wednesday.

Orth said by tomorrow morning (Nov. 7), she will know how many ballots remain to processed. Results will then be updated on Wednesday and Friday at 3 p.m.

Voters can still register today, but it must be done at the clerk’s downtown Fresno office at 2221 Kern Street.

“A lot of people have taken advantage of the (same day) register and vote,” Orth said.

Stick with GV Wire tonight for updated election coverage and reports on the top races in Fresno and around the Valley.

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