Mark Meuser is just as sharp of a talker as he is a dresser.

The Bay Area Republican, an attorney by trade, is one of eight candidates on Tuesday’s (June 5) primary ballot for California’s secretary of state. Democrat Alex Padilla is the incumbent and running for re-election.

No, the position does not mean handling foreign diplomacy. Rather, the secretary of state mainly handles issues with running elections.

Meuser wants to wipe out voter fraud by cleaning voter rolls of those who are no longer eligible, like dead people and those who have moved.

While he supports the idea of automatic registration at the DMV, he is leery of non-citizens (who are allowed in California to obtain licenses) inadvertently being granted voting rights.

The top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to the November general election. And Meuser has thoughts on California’s top-2 “jungle primary” — he doesn’t like it.

Take 5 Questions

In this Take 5 during a recent campaign stop in Fresno, Meuser discusses:

— Why he thinks the state has such a low voter turnout.

— His ideas on combatting voter fraud.

— His thoughts on allowing non-citizens to vote.

— The “motor-voter” registration law.

— His ideas on expanding the state Legislature.

Watch this Take 5 by clicking on the video above.


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