Warning: The video above contains distressing scenes including explicit descriptions of sexual violence.

Evidence continues to mount that attacks on Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar’s military have been part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the minority population.

Human Rights Watch recently described an August 2017 military operation in Myanmar’s Rakhine State as a “massacre.”  The organization said, “Soldiers carried out killings and rapes of hundreds of Rohingya with a cruel efficiency that could only come with advance planning.”

Human Rights Watch Report

In its 30-page report, “Massacre by the River: Burmese Army Crimes against Humanity in Tula Toli,” Human Rights Watch details the attack by Myanmar security forces on several thousand villagers in Tula Toli, known officially as Min Gyi. The report documents how Rohingya villagers were trapped along a riverbank as government forces proceeded to kill and rape men, women, and children, and burn down the village.

Prior to the issuance of the report, journalists from the British Broadcasting Corporation investigated the accounts of witnesses and survivors who had fled to neighboring Bangladesh. You can view the BBC’s powerful documentary above.

It was reported by Gabriel Gatehouse, James Clayton and Jack Garland from Newsnight,  the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV program.

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