Philanthropy can take many forms: time, treasure and talent.

GV Wire kicks off its 12 Days of Philanthropy series with a look at Fresno Skateboard Salvage.

Efforts such as this can make a big difference in our community — and in the life of a youngster.

Rodney Rodriguez is the founder of Fresno Skateboard Salvage.

As a young man, he found refuge in skateboarding from an unstable and often abusive family environment.

Now he is paying it forward to others.

“There are a thousand different ways kids can connect with the world; drugs, gangs, I mean, you name it, and I just want to help keep kids doing something positive, ” Rodriguez says.

You can learn more by viewing the video above or by clicking this link.

Want to donate a board for refurbishing or lightly used gear?

Contract Rodney on the Fresno Skateboard Salvage Facebook Page.

Here is his Facebook post from Tuesday telling of 2017’s successes:

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