Does your dog talk back to you?

I have a Siberian Husky that always has something to say.

Her name is Nike and she is about four years old.

I rescued her when she was 11-months and she has been my companion since.

She makes it very clear to me that she needs to be heard.

If she’s not telling me she wants me to retrieve her toy from under the bed; she’s telling me that she needs me to feed her or invite her to the bed.

It is absolutely adorable and I am glad she has a strong personality.

She does tell me “no” when I tell her I am leaving the house (that would be a fun video to share).

But the dog in this video really means it.

Blaze Says “Nooo”

This video was posted on YouTube in 2014 but it still generates views.

Blaze was 11-months when his owner asked him several times to go into his kennel.

No matter how sweet or stern his owner, John Ventresco was with Blaze, he still said “no.”

I wonder if Blaze got his way and stayed out of the kennel for that day.

(Roe Borunda is an associate producer for GV Wire. You can contact her via Twitter, @roetography, and on Facebook)



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