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Roe's Video Pick: "Would You Chow Down on Crickets?"



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Every Sunday morning my fiance wakes up a tad earlier than I do. He turns on the TV and looks for CNET reviews to watch.
For the past two years, I have expressed to him my thoughts on CNET. They have great content but their delivery for their reviews made me fall right back asleep.
Well, this review caught my attention.

‘Would You Chow Down on Crickets?’

I have seen bugs get eaten on movies, I’ve heard friends talk about trying them on their backpacking trips to Cambodia, and I am pretty sure that I saw an episode where Anthony Bourdain tried a couple.
This time, it was a few millennials on TV that caught my attention with their hipster bags of flavored farmed crickets from Austin, Texas.
CNET, I must say you did an awesome review this time. I look forward to seeing more!
(Roe Borunda is an associate producer for GV Wire. You can contact her via Twitter, @roetography, and on Facebook.)