In the final installment of GV Wire’s exclusive interview with Tom Steyer, he talks about his thoughts on the gas tax – recently raised by legislature – and his political future.

Steyer says we need to fix roads. But, like many, he asks where the money should come from. “Are corporations paying their fair share?” He says oil companies are not paying enough in taxes for extracting oil out of the ground.

When asked if it was fair for Fresno County residents in the lower income bracket to pay the tax, he said it was easier for the legislature to tax citizens, because they are not as organized as corporations or special interests.

Steyer was coy about whether he will run for governor in 2018. “We are in a national crisis on a number of vectors,” Steyer says. “What is the way to have the most impact if you really believe, like I do, that we are in a crisis here, and it is important for everyone to pitch in? My goal is to figure out how to pitch in.”

Watch part 3 above.

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