The chemical attacks in Syria have shocked the world.

In the northwest Syrian region of Idlib, close to 100, including children…dead.

Images of lifeless civilians….

Are too much to describe…

Said Habbaba is a Syrian asylum seeker. For the past five years, he has lived in Fresno with his wife and young daughter.

He expressed his shock and heartbreak. GV Wire spoke to him at his northeast Fresno home, with the help of interpreter Wasan Abu Baker.

“I watched the news today. It is sad for me to watch 60 children and women die. It is very sad for all of humanity. I feel upset that those innocent people…they have no reason to lose their life. This is against laws that protect human rights and children around the world.”

Said does not know any friends or family who lived in the area. He is from Aleppo, which is 60 miles away from Idlib.

Although the world community is pointing the finger of blame on the Bashar al-Assad regime, Said just can’t believe that is true.

“A lot of groups are involved in this war. It is hard to judge and know who is in charge of these actions. Everyone denies things. I am sure that the good people…they have nice hearts. They do not want to hurt these people. They do not want to hurt the women. The children…

Syria has denied responsibility. Russia says the chemical attacks happened when Syrian war planes hit a rebel stockpile of chemical weapons.

“I don’t think President Assad is responsible. I don’t think Russia is responsible either. Russia is well known, and against using those kinds of weapons against innocent people. Of course, President Assad would not hurt his own people. Another group is responsible.”

I asked Said about what role The United States should play..

“President Trump…America… this is a great country. They always ask and seek peace for other countries. I hope he is able to unite all Syrians. I hope he is able to negotiate and stop war and talk with each other and eventually stop the war in Syria.  President Trump can use his power to stop those actions with other great countries around the world.”


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