In the latest PPIC poll, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris are up big in their respective presidential and U.S. Senate races.

Poll summary:

-Clinton leads overall by 54%

-Only 70% of Republicans say they would support Trump

-For US Senate, Harris leads Sanchez, 42-20 (38 not voting or undecided)

-Republicans support Harris over Sanchez, 24-21

-Prop 51 (school bonds) leads, 46-41 (12 undecided). In the Central Valley, it only has 41% support.

-Prop 55 (extended tax on wealthy) leads 55-31 (51% support in Central Valley)

-Prop 56 (cigarette tax) leads 56-38

-Prop 64 (marijuana legalization) leads 55-38

Read the full PPIC poll

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