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Half of voters like state lawmakers and that’s an improvement



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by David Taub

Half of Californians like the job their state legislature is doing in a Field/IGS poll released Thursday. Exactly 50% told surveyors they approve the job performance in Sacramento. That is the highest polling since 1988, when 57% approved.

The numbers are sharply divided when party registration is factored in. 75% of Democrats approve of Sacramento, while only 17% of Republicans do. No party preference checks in at 43%.

There is also a divide when it comes to coastal counties vs. inland, with a 56%/38% approval split.

When it comes to Governor Jerry Brown, 60% of the state overall approve, his highest ever rating since taking office in 2011. Once again, there is a stark split among party lines. Residents of Brown’s Democratic party approve at an 85% clip; Republicans gave a thumbs up just 25% of the time; no party preference 56%.

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