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Fresno Homeless Efforts Lack ‘Clear Strategic Plan’ says Grand Jury

A “crib sheet” is required to keep track of all the local governmental and nonprofit entities working to resolve the homeless issue, the Fresno County grand jury says in findings released in its 2020 annual report. "As a result, duplicative and sometimes overlapping roles, fuzzy lines of authority, and a...

With Street2Home, Fresno Agrees on Plan to Cut Homelessness

It's rare to get politicians to agree on anything. But, in Fresno County, there's universal agreement that homelessness is the No. 1 issue. Listen to this article:   More importantly, that agreement has inspired the Fresno County Board of Supervisors and the Fresno City Council to bless the creation of...

Millions in Homeless Funds Available. When Will Fresno Apply?

Aggressive panhandlers and human waste on the sidewalk are tarnishing San Francisco’s image as America’s most beautiful city. Dumping homeless patients on the street sullied Los Angeles’ reputation as the "City of Angels." Critics bashed Fresno’s ordinance banning outdoor camping as cruel and heartless. The homeless issue is central to...