David Taub

Keto the Trend, but Beer Rules at California Food Expo

The local Fresno foodie event went big this year. It's no longer the Fresno Food Expo, going with the expansive California Food Expo title instead. Listen to this article: https://d28jd3p91iwyr0.cloudfront.net/public/polly_audio/foodexpo.60f85a5e-...

Dear Council, Please Show Up. It’s Your Job.

Are city council members more effective advocating for the city attending out-of-town conventions or actually voting on issues? The absence of Fresno councilwoman Esmeralda Soria last Thursday spotlights the...
illustration of possible names for Janet Young elementary school

Mascot Name Game. Getting it Right at Young Elementary.

It’s the dawn of a new school in Clovis Unified and the district has completed most of the groundwork. The land is under construction; the school boundaries are set; and the school will be named for former superintendent Janet Young, a very fine choice. ...
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