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Syria: West Should Lift Sanctions to Help Refugees Return

MOSCOW — Syria's warring sides and the mediators meeting in Kazakhstan failed to agree on the formation of a committee meant to draft a new constitution for the war-torn country, the U.N. special envoy to Syria said Thursday, calling it a "missed opportunity."...
Photo of Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to Lying to Congress

NEW YORK — Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former lawyer, made a surprise appearance before a federal judge in New York on Thursday and pleaded guilty to lying to Congress to cover up that he was negoti...
Photo of actor William Shatner and actress Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek’s Interracial Kiss 50 Years Ago Heralded Change

WASHINGTON — It was the kiss heard around the galaxy. Fifty years ago — and only one year after the U.S. Supreme Court declared interracial marriage was legal — two of science fiction's most enduring characters, Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Nyota Uh...
Photo of Knickers the steer

Steer Too Beefy to Become Burgers Reprieved to Life on Farm

LAKE PRESTON, Australia — Knickers the steer is huge on the internet — for being huge. The black-and-white Holstein Friesian won social media fame and many proclamations of "Holy Cow!" after photos surfaced of the 6-foot-4-inch steer standing head and shoul...
Photo of Jerome Powell

Powell: US Economy Healthy and Rate Hikes Aren’t Automatic

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell cast a bright picture of the U.S. economy Wednesday and appeared to suggest that the Fed might consider a pause in its interest rate hikes next year to assess the impact of its credit tightening. Powell's ...
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