Photo Illustration of a pile of books being absorbed by a laptop

How Fresno State Helped Students Save $1 Million on Books

For many college students, taking a class where the textbook is free would be a dream come true. After tuition and room and board, textbooks are the next biggest cost for college students. "The cost of textbooks and course materials, in general, are too ...

Time to Pass Safe & Affordable Drinking Water Fund Legislation

Farmworkers plant and harvest the California fruits and vegetables that feed our families. But when they turn the faucets in their own homes, they too often encounter something unthinkable — contaminated water, infused with unsafe levels of arsenic or nitrates...
Photo of Fresno City College President Carole Goldsmith

Fresno City College Goes Extra Mile to Serve Community

Fresno City College is expanding opportunities for high school students and the general public to earn credits toward a college degree by starting neighborhood campuses at Edison and Sunnyside high schools. "We are ground zero in making sure our Valley is s...
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